Sipping in Slippers Winos Taste BC Okanagan Wines for Pandemic Pourings #Virtualwinetastings, #sippingwithslippers


March 24, 2020 - Sipping with Slippers ( winos do a Pandemic Pouring with a virtual wine tasting of 3 BC wines, a rose and two reds. They actually tasted 4 wines in the live Instagram episodes on Friday but being winos they lost the tasting review of the Sandhill Wines 2017 Syrah @SandhillWines. Needless to say it was a winner and had a six slipper review and will be tasted again in another episode.

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So, get your slippers on and break open a bottle of wine. The Sipping with slippers winos are back for new shows ; Original Sip, Sneaky Sip now doing drinking as Snooty Sip and an new character- Simple Sip. The winos taste three great BC Okanagan wines for you to try at home; a rose and 2 reds. You can order these directly from the winery or at a liquor store or Save-on near you :)

Wines tasted and reviewed:

Razz Rose from St Hubertus Winery @St_HubertusWine

Red Shoe Red from the View Winery @TheViewWinery

Ex Nihilo Vineyards 2018 Pinot Noir, the winner of the evening with a twelve slipper rating! @exnihilowines

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Meet our characters Original Sip, Sneaky Sip, Over Sip, Gewürztraminer the Wiener Dog and special guests! They rate their wines with a "slippers up", so the best a wine can do is a "6 slippers up" rating if all of the 3 winos are present (and can count).


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